Who We Are And What We Do

Founded in 2018, TestSourcely with its headquarters in Serbia offers Test Automation consulting services.

We believe in forming strong partnerships and specialize in software quality assurance, with a special focus on high quality nearshore outsourcing.

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Automation Testing Services

Build test automation environment rapidly, effectively develop automated test scripts, test your application, and thoroughly assess every test cycle.

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Manual Testing Services

Supplement automated testing with a manual component that tests user interface, installation, error handling, security, and more for best results.

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API Testing Services

Save functional testing time, reduce manual testing costs, test for code-level functionality, check overall build strength, and integrate GUI tests easily.

Our Skills & Expertise

Quality Assurance

We have gained experience in test automation projects based on Selenium and Java. Our test infrastructure guarantees flexibility and reliable solutions that meets your requirements.

Consulting in the Nearshoring Process

With years of experience in the nearshoring sector, we would like to help you pave the way for nearshoring in your corporation.

Nearshoring Software Development

Focusing on your needs, we have Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Software Developers and Quality Engineers at the ready to support you and your business.

Consultancy for Start-ups

Start-ups welcome! We will build you the team you need to make your idea a success!

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Why Serbia

Home of the largest investors in the region, favourable business environment, strong technical education and deeply rooted mindset of getting the job done! Of course, and the home of TestSourcely!

Serbia, with its tech center City of Belgrade, is home for 2000+ successful IT companies with more than 30.000 IT specialists working for them. With all the major players already here, more and more companies are registering their offices in Belgrade, trying to get their hands on local talent pool before others. Strategically located between West and East, with clear pathway to leading markets, only one hour ahead of UTC, it is perfectly positioned so that you can make the most of your expansion needs.

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Interested in learning how our software QA company can work for you?

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